Candidate seeing 'Two Factor Authentication' screen when logging in


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    Daniel D'Alessio
    Seeing that screen means that the candidate has either:
    • Set up two-factor authentication for themselves from within their profile
    • Has access to another FlexiTime Workforce Management account (such as PayHero) which requires 2FA. 
    In either case, they would have needed to use an authenticator app of their choice to save those details. You can find more info on that in the 'Two Factor Authentication' section of this article: How can I change my login details?
    They'll need to check through any authenticator apps on their phone for a code that's been registered for Invoxy, PayHero, or FlexiTime and use that to complete the sign-in process. 
    If they've changed their phone without migrating their authenticator details, or can't find the app they've registered with, an administrator can reach out to  - let us know the candidate's login email address and we can reset their profile so that they can set up the two-factor authentication afresh.
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